Our team is highly skilled at delivering client results by offering marketing strategies unique to each individual need. We put our assets to work to deliver successful radio campaigns, engaging on-site events, and contemporary digital solutions. Our goal is to create a partnership built on excellent service, impressive results, competitive and innovative solutions, and overall client success.

Don’t just take our word for it!

“I want to say thank you because, yes, we have noticed a HUGE difference in enrollment after the ad went live. We have sold out three classes and reached the quota for all of them, so we didn’t have to cancel any classes!  Thank you for all your hard work on it! We appreciate it greatly!”

-Jordan Litherland, Marketing Account Executive, Colen Built Development LLC.

“When we evaluate our advertising dollars to track top notch employees the use of radio seems to lead the pack. Prior to every hiring fair, I ask the group if they’ve heard our ad on radio and like always, the majority raises their hand. Wind-FM has played a tremendous part in getting the word out concerning job fairs, but more important- the Cheney Brothers Brand. Im a believer! Cheney Brothers + Wind-FM… What a team!”

-John Brantley, Director of Recruiting, Cheney Brothers, Inc.

“Partnering with K-Country many years ago was the best decision I made. From the day my ad first ran when the number was given, my phone rang. All these years later the majority of the time that my ads run my phone rings immediately. I started with one body wrap machine and now have 5 different systems. Couldn’t have done it without K-Country. K-Country customers are the best.

-Christine, Owner of Vintage Hair Creations

“Tack Shack of Ocala believes in the power of radio advertising so much, that we advertise on several stations. Wind-FM has been a key part of our business for the past few years, from advertising our famous horsey yard sales to driving traffic to the story during the hot summer months, we count on our partnership with Wind-FM to help achieve our sales goals! If you’re listening and you own or operate a business, what are you waiting for? Call today and let the folks at Wind-FM help you!”

Tack Shack Ocala

“Over the past 20+ years, Wind-FM has helped our community and Gainesville Harley-Davidson grow as a business. It’s been a great partnership. Thank you!”

-Kevin Lytel, Owner of Gainesville Harley-Davidson

“Gainesville Harley-Davidson’s go-to marketing choice is Wind-FM! We know when our schedule is running because we see noticeable increase in website traffic, phone inquiries, and walk in traffic. They have a diverse listenership and we use it to reach baby boomers and a younger demographic like 25-35. The consistent investment is what has made it work for years for us.”

-Emilee MacDonald, Operations Manager of Gainesville Harley-Davidson

“We listen to Wind-FM and hear the advertisements and it influences us, so we understand the power of radio! They guided us on radio and strategy, and maximized our advertising. Their team even came to our business to see and learn who and what we are. At our Grand Opening, having Wind-FM not only made it a big event, but listeners were interacting with the games, the radio staff, and with our team. It made us happy that our customers were happy and enjoying themselves. Having Wind-FM there also gave our event credibility. Our radio advertising campaign has provided us with the community exposure that we are looking for, and the customers just keep coming in! We know that we are reaching our demographic with Wind-FM, and that in turn is helping our business with extraordinary growth.”

-Irv and Amelia, Owners of Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard of Ocala

“At a recent RoMac Building Supply Manager’s Meeting, the topic of the company’s marketing and promotion program was discussed, and I found out really quickly that most of the team felt that our radio ads on K-Country and Wind-FM were highly effective. Our Ocala manager said that each time we rotated his radio ads for windows out of the monthly mix, his sales would noticeably drop, and this was the same response from others on the team. Plus, the response to our radio ads have been great as customers continuously tell us they heard us on the radio!”

-Don Magruder, CEO of RoMac Building Supply

“I would like to say a big thank you to Alicia Quartararo at K-Country and Wind-FM. When I met her for the first time, I was still sub-contracting with different fence companies because I didn’t have enough work to go out on my own full time. After Alicia looked over my business marketing, she made several recommendations (many that weren’t even radio related). It took some convincing and time, but I eventually took every piece of advice she gave me and it’s been the best decision I’ve made in my business yet. Since starting my radio commercials on K-Country and Wind-FM, I keep myself and 3 crews busy, 6 days a week and I’m currently trying to expand by hiring more employees.”

-Kelley Russell, Owner/Operator Russell’s Fencing & Woodworking

“Wind-FM has been one of our best of our best purchases for radio advertising, and the entire experience has been great! The hard work, professionalism, and creativity can’t be compared to anything in our market. This perfect combination takes our business to the next level!”

-T, Marketing and Event Coordinator for WarHorse Harley-Davidson

“A customer called requesting a two story home, they had trouble finding a contractor willing to build a two-story home… let alone a custom one. Listening to Wind-FM one day they heard our Dibarco commercial, she stated she instantly remembered seeing our company in the community for years. It just took hearing our commercial to bring Dibarco to front of mind! We are getting preliminary drawings complete now for contract!”

-Cindy Couillard, Vice President of Dibarco Building Corporation