Reach your (digital) audience

“We can get your business on page one of Google!” 

How many emails a day do you receive promising high-ranking search results for your business? While it’s true people spend more than 6 hours a day online, only about 10 minutes are with Google.

We’re not negating the power of Google. You should want to appear high on page one results for keywords and phrases related to your business. But there’s so much power in targeting an audience, beyond the search, based on the digital breadcrumbs they leave behind.

By strategically combining tactics, we can reach a relevant audience in their car, on their phones, online, and on connected TV. We find audiences based on the websites they visit, the keywords they search and read, location data on smartphones, and even their offline purchases and publicly available data. This means fewer wasted impressions and more relevant leads who see your ads.

We use this data and a blend of different targeting tactics to put your ads in front of people who:

  • Visit your website and leave.
  • Search for or read content related to the products you sell or the services you offer.
  • Are on websites or streaming tv programs categorically relevant to your industry.
  • Visit your competitor’s locations, other relevant locations, events, or your own store.
  • Have offline purchase data and/or publicly available data showing them to be the ideal demographic profile.

Once we create this audience, we can show them your ads while they’re surfing the web, using apps on smartphones, or watching ad supported video on-demand streaming TV.

We’ve been reaching our local audience for decades, building brands and connecting local businesses with consumers. Let us show you how we can reach your audience.

North Central Florida Media is home to 352today, 93.7 K-Country and 92.5/95.5 Wind-FM. We offer local programming, a robust database of loyal listeners, and marketing capabilities that connect your business with consumers on-air, online and on-site.