5 Steps to a Better Marketing Plan

Marketing for small- and medium- size businesses (SMBs) doesn’t need to be complicated. There are many marketing models SMBs use, and some use no marketing strategy at all. Here is one simple five-step process to build a plan for your business.

1. Who Do You Want? Sometimes called the target audience, this is the consumer you seek most. They are the heavy users of what you offer. Age, gender, and many other characteristics can be used to define who your ideal customer or client is. Mark’s Prime and Texas Roadhouse each offer a selection of steaks, but the target consumer for each is naturally quite different. The more descriptive you can be to define your ideal customer, the closer you will be able to define the center of the bullseye. Resist the easy temptation to say, “Everyone is my customer.” That is rarely true.

2. What Do They Want? This is sometimes called benefits sought. What is most important to that ideal customer or client and what are they seeking? Price, convenience, quality, and other considerations are ways the customer evaluates a business before making a purchase decision. Someone who wants to have a clean car at a reasonable price is likely to use a drive-through car wash like Race Wash. Another customer seeks a mobile detail business that can come to their workplace and detail their car while they work. Price is much less of a consideration. Each car wash and detail business is served well by knowing exactly what their core customers expect from them…

Steps 3-5 are available in the CEP Network Summer 2021 edition, page 22. 


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