Copywriting Tips and Tricks for Local Businesses

What sets you apart from other businesses? Why would your target consumers want to keep investing in your company? What do you do as a business to garner their long-lasting interest?

These are all questions that every business should consider. Having a strategic plan in place when writing copy is extremely valuable to be successful in your reach.

Here are six tips and tricks that will engage your consumers:

  • Call the consumer to action.

Be specific in what you want her or him to do, how to do it and by when to do it. Communicate a clear, achievable and memorable call to action.

  • Write for the listener, viewer or reader.

Considering the values and interests of the consumer when constructing a message can make or break their engagement with your business. People are more likely to engage with a message when it is delivered to them in a way that targets their interests or values.

  • Connect with the concerns of target consumers.

The best way to go into any conversation is to resonate with the other person’s world. Base your key message on the target audience’s primary values and knowledge. The message should highlight how the offer satisfies the benefits the consumer seeks.

For example, a surgeon wouldn’t talk to a patient about an upcoming procedure using complex, medical jargon that the patient would not understand. The surgeon also wouldn’t discuss medical information that doesn’t apply to this specific patient’s set of concerns. The surgeon would need to adjust the language they use based on the audience they are speaking to. They would need to simplify their explanation in a way that aligns with the patient’s underlying knowledge and values.

The goal of conveying a message is to resonate with the concerns of the target consumer.

  • Use data and research like salt and pepper.

Use facts to support any statement you make. Supporting claims with evidence and logic maximizes their credibility. Show rather than tell when conveying a message. This will influence consumers to be more likely to trust the business and its products or services.

  • Write like you talk.

Be personal and conversational when copywriting. Writing too formally can create distance between the business and consumers. Ordinary, everyday conversation fosters common ground and shared values.

  • One ad. One message.

Focus on one key marketing objective and deliver one core message to consumers in a campaign. Be focused and concise when writing copy.