4th Annual North Central Florida Outdoor Expo: FWC

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee (FWC) is eager to participate in the 4th Annual North Central Florida Outdoor Expo on August 13! The Outdoor Expo is hosted by the North Central Florida Media Group radio stations 93.7 K-Country and 92.5/95.5 Wind-FM.

FWC focuses on proactive and reactive patrol off the coast of Florida and inland water ways for the long-term well-being of fish and wildlife. Northeast Region Public Information Officer Chad Weber says the Outdoor Expo is the perfect place for Floridians to learn how they can do their part.

“It’s a positive environment for us to spread information about protecting our natural resources and wildlife in the state of Florida,” he said.

FWC leans heavily on the general public to relay information about what’s happening on the water. With over 800 sworn officers, FWC protects threatened and endangered species and habitats, investigates fish and wildlife crimes, conducts search and rescue missions, responds to natural and manmade disasters, and participates in youth programs to educate the next generation. The Expo is a great opportunity for people to speak with an officer in a welcoming and approachable environment if they have any questions.

But that’s not all you’ll see from FWC. Their booth includes their new and improved display trailer. Inside the trailer are expert biologists with taxidermy black bears, deer, and even a bass kids can guess the weight of! Officer Weber says it’s a great opportunity for kids to become educated about water safety and wildlife interaction.

“That positive experience with children will go a long way,” he said.

There’s a reason the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee and tons of other amazing vendors participate in the North Central Florida Outdoor Expo!

We hope to see you there August 13 at the World Equestrian Center!