How Businesses Can Take Advantage of Staycations and Discounts to Target Consumers

Your business can benefit from the impact of the pandemic on consumers. Staycations and discount shoppers can help your business in the long run.

Many consumers are hesitant to embark on an airplane or cruise, or use a rental car or hotel. Nevertheless, summertime breeds the need for vacation.

People are thinking outside of the box on how they can spend their vacation locally. Extravagant destination vacations have evolved into “staycations.” Americans are seeking local destinations or area attractions. According to SmithGeiger research, “nearly three in ten (28%) of the total sample and 33% of Millennials anticipate going on a local staycation within the first three months after COVID-19.”

Fortunately for local businesses, these staycation-seekers are their target audience. “Staycation types of destinations are local advertisers,” Andrew Finlayson, Executive VP of SmithGeiger, said. “They’re the people that are within the range of your signal.”

Almost half of respondents who have been secluded to their homes are eager to get out and go shopping.  According to the research, “56% will be looking for advertising on special deals, while 59% want to hear how companies will adjust their shopping experience to keep customers safe and 55% plan to take advantage of great deals offered by retailers.”

Discounts and special deals are reasons to buy non-essential items. According to research, “Nearly half (48%) see the availability of a discount as a reason to purchase non-essential items” and the “percentage grows to 55% among 55-64 year-olds.”

Businesses should be proactive as they anticipate the needs and wants of their target consumers during this time. Using advertising to communicate reopening plans and offering discounts for customers is essential while public life reboots.

Local businesses should be on their A-game as they become the focus of the community. This is the time to take advantage of amplified attention from consumers to build long-term relationships.

It is important to think in terms of the bigger picture. Use this unique time of localized attention to establish sustainable brand loyalty, consumer relationships and a positive reputation. This will ensure success down the road when many consumers return to destination traveling and seeking businesses beyond local options.

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