Switch Your Business’s Messages From Scaring to Caring

In March, businesses’ public relations strategies drifted into unknown territory as they reacted to the impacts of COVID-19. Some messages became fear-induced, negative and apologetic as stores, restaurants and businesses shut down or adjusted their services.

According to a survey of Americans ages 18-64 about the impact of the pandemic on consumers, different phases of the crisis require their “own unique marketing message.” While crisis communication techniques were vital in March and April, a shift in the tone, style and content of creative messaging was recommendable starting in May. Reopening businesses gradually began in May, and with that, people started feeling a sense of regained control and freedom. Messages that are positive, upbeat and focused on reopening plans should be highlighted in communication channels to consumers. Safety measures and modified hours or services should be emphasized.

Companies should stay up to date with the evolving climate surrounding COVID-19. This way, they can keep their staff and customers safe, meet customer satisfaction and maintain a reputable status.

There is a cautious optimism in the air as consumers enter public and social life and decide what is safe. Consumers want to hear from brands and local businesses about how they can be of help to them at this time! According to the survey, “55% of survey participants say they want to hear how brands and local companies are taking action to improve or assist in the situation.”

Effective copy language is vital to gain longstanding consumer traction for your business. Messages like “during these unprecedented times” need to be replaced with “we are open” or statements that directly address the business’s safety measures, deals or discounts.

Change your business’s fearful messages to upbeat promises of reopening, customer care and special deals.

Communicate to consumers about how your business is taking measures to ensure their safety and health. Be reassuring, optimistic and transparent in in all your messaging as you reopen and relaunch your business.

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