What Consumers Are Ready to Do Next

A survey of Americans ages 18-64 on the personal impact of the pandemic provides helpful insights to businesses as they navigate how changes in consumer behavior may affect them.

According to the study, Americans are eager to return to some of their normal activities and routines, while taking precautions to adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines.

“More than half of respondents (52%) said they intend to shop at a local merchant, 45% plan to get their hair styled or cut, 41% want to meet friends for coffee and 37% plan to dine indoors at a restaurant,” within the first month of lifted restrictions.

In contrast, many people will not be buying plane tickets or setting sail on a cruise as restrictions are being lifted. While Americans are ready to resume some of their usual activities, most of them are wary about being involved in large group settings. They are thinking twice about attending an indoor sporting event or concert, or traveling on a cruise or airplane.

This pent-up energy might not be so bad, however. According to the study, “large numbers of Americans intend to complete purchases they planned before the pandemic began but were unable to finish.”

Nesting at home has bred creativity and motivation for starting home improvement projects. Home improvement purchases are in the works, “like buying a mattress, which 44% anticipate completing within the first three months after the pandemic and 69% within the first six months.” Many other home improvement purchases were emphasized in the study including making a furniture purchase (32% within three months, 54% within six months) and completing home repairs (41% within three months, 59% within six months).

More than half of Americans stated that buying insurance and enrolling in a vocational school, technical school or university is at the top of their priority list.

Businesses should gauge the present attitude and purchasing behavior of consumers as they resume normal activities.  Pushing advertisements of products and services will take advantage of this increased consumer demand.

This is an optimal time to be transparent and personal in all communication to target consumers. Businesses should center their messages around their plan to reopen while ensuring the safety of their customers.

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